For Patients
For your convenience, you can request an appointment using our online form.

We respect your time and ask that you respect ours and that of other patients. Broken appointments take time away from others in need of care.

Please give us at least two business days notice to reschedule an appointment. A fee may be charged to your account with less notice.

Before your appointment:
•  Please let us know the name and phone number of your previous dentists so we can arrange to have recent x-rays sent ahead of time
•  Please let us know if you have a history of a heart murmur or joint replacement surgery
•  Please provide us with any third party or insurance information
•  Please download and print the Patient Registration and Health History, Privacy Practices and HIPPA Acknowledgement, and Consent to Use Records forms by clicking here
•  Please complete, sign and date where indicated and bring to your first appointment

Your First Visit
For adults, we like to set aside an hour with Dr. Wentworth for a comprehensive evaluation before setting up a cleaning appointment.

The doctor will record information about your past and current oral and general health, listen to your concerns and take appropriate x-rays and photographs. Please feel free to ask questions at any time.

The information is then reviewed with you allowing you and Dr. Wentworth to develop a plan of care tailored to your specific needs. In cases where treatment is complex it may be best to have a second appointment.

Payment and Insurance
We ask that payment be made at the time of service unless other finance methods are arranged in advance. For your convenience we accept Visa and MasterCard, and American Express. We are happy to process any insurance claims as a service to you at no charge. We will also be happy to request an initial pre-estimation of treatment with you insurance company at no charge.

A small fee is charged for further pre-estimates for the same treatment should you request it. Please keep in mind that any estimate that we or your insurance company provide is only an estimate and you are responsible for all fees in their entirety. You should understand your policy's limitations and we will do our best to work with them. If an insurance claim is not paid within 60 days, you will be responsible for payment and you will need to arrange for repayment from your insurance carrier. We will provide prompt reimbursement of any over-payment.

Patient Forms
Acknowledgement of Privacy Rights

Notice of Privacy Practices

Patient Registration

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