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Dental Implants
Injury resulted in a front tooth broken below the gumline that could not be saved.

The remaining tooth was extracted and an implant was placed the same day, and the final crown on the implant

Reconstructive Treatment
All upper teeth and some lowers decayed with gum disease and failing old restorations on a 78 year old.

Decay was removed, hopeless teeth were extracted, fillings and long term temporaries were placed. Over the next year the gums were treated by a periodontist getting them healthy enough to place the final restorations. He decided not to change the color or replace the light colored crown on the lowers since they don't show much.

Space Closure
Spaces closed between teeth with composite bonding in one appointment

Retained right lateral baby incisor, missing left lateral incisor and eye tooth moved forward. The best treatment of braces, dental implant or a fixed bridge was not right for this patient.

Compromise treatment was done consisting of composite bonding to shape the edges of the teeth, a crown on the baby tooth, and a bonded bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Bleaching Severely Stained Teeth
Severely Tetracycline stained teeth.

Only the top teeth have been bleached. Nine months of home bleaching reduced the discoloration significantly. The lip hides the gum line which bleaches the least. For everything you ever wanted to know about bleaching go to

Before And After

Before And After

Before And After


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"Providing evidence-based preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental care for all ages."

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